Tune® is a first-of-its-kind electrical filter that reduces heat and disruptive noise in your system, protecting your electronics and appliances.

Installed in the electrical panel of your home or business, it filters disruptive noise, otherwise known as current harmonics, from your system to reduce your consumption of electricity and prolong the life of electronics and appliances.

Disruptive noise (current harmonics) is created by modern electronics and appliances. In simpler times, motors, pumps, appliances and other electrical devices were either on or off. These devices didn’t generate harmonics. Our modern electronics and appliances on the other hand draw variable energy and create current harmonics.

Technically speaking, harmonics happen when non-linear loads are connected to your electrical system. Any device that converts AC power to DC (high frequency) power is non-linear and creates harmonics. This includes just about every modern device in your home or business today. The culprits are literally all around you. In fact, if the power supply (transformer) for any of your electronics have ever been hot to the touch, you’ve experienced harmonics.

Tune® is simple to install in your electric panel. An installation manual is included with each Tune® filter and installation videos are available (link to simple video). While a Tune® installation is simple, We recommend installation by a certified electrician. A certified electrician will ensure a successful and safe installation.