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    Filter HARMonics.

    If you could see inside your electrical system, it’s likely chaotic. A tuned electrical system is calm and free from chaos.

    Because of the harmonics in modern electrical systems

    5%* or more of any electrical bill is paying for electricity never used.

    Install calm. Install Tune® Filters.

    Efficient. Effective. Tested.

    We use leading-edge technology to limit damaging harmonics, reduce your electric bill and help you to save on maintenance.

    That’s what our patented Tune® Filters will do.

    Technically speaking, our inductive-based passive technology filters your leading power at its source, vastly reducing the problem currents created by everyday devices giving your system higher electrical efficiency and performance.

    Simply said, install Tune® in your home or business, reduce unneeded harmonics, and increase savings.

    Tune® features:

    Nonintrusive + Compact

    Being connected to the neutral bus bar, the Tune® filter poses zero risk to your system and needs zero maintenance.

    Unforeseen circumstances could cause any harmonic filter to fail. If this happens, active filters will shut down all or part of your electrical system—but not ours.

    The Tune® filter is designed so your system won’t be affected.


    Most harmonic filters are active, meaning they consume electricity and require tuning and service. The Tune® filter is passive meaning it consumes zero electricity and requires no maintenance.

    Checked + Validated

    Made in the U.S.A., our patented filter is UL®-listed and validated as a power-saving product by third-party testing and with the U.S. Department of Energy. Its performance has been independently verified to US DOE standards per International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocols and ASHRAE Guidelines.

    Efficient, Economic + Effective

    With Tune® you are reducing your KWh usage. Once properly installed by a certified electrician, the Tune® filter will:

    Reduce your electric bill by 5% or more*

    Require no maintenance

    Reduce equipment maintenance and extends equipment life

    “...we are not only saving money, we are already seeing savings in maintenance..."

    Mayor, City of Rainsville, Alabama

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    Install. Save. It’s that simple.