In 2016, Wheeling University* College of Engineering utilized the Tune® Filter (originally named T7 EMI Facility Filter) for their EGR481 Capstone Engineering Project for their senior students. Aligning with their mission to examine new technologies, and due to the Tune®’s real-world application, students conducted a 14-month installation and measurement project in the 155,000 square foot McDonough Athletic Center as their “Pilot” building located on campus.

In putting the 11 Tune® Filters installed through the proper scientific method, they selected other buildings on campus to act as “Controls” to compare and establish measurable data during the 12 months after installation.

Data was collected and compared at 2, 4, 6, 9 and twelve months, resulting in a 12.5% KWh decrease in consumption and 10% increase in electrical savings. They expect this to continue to expand to other buildings across campus.


Pre Installation preparation time (2 months) and budget (minimal)
Choose a building a candidate as the ‘Pilot’
Choose buildings for comparisonas ‘Control(s)’
Establish target minimum required savings
Establish data collection and validation processes
Schedule installation
Monitor month to month results for Pilot and Controls
Compare results with the controls
Examine data at 2, 4, 6, 9 and 12 months



After 12 months, the Pilot building electric KWhr consumption is down 12.5% and electric cost is down ~10%. (Results for the 155,000 square-foot McDonough Athletic Center complex [two gymnasiums, pool, offices, etc.] and where eleven Tune® Filters were installed in the sub panels)

Control Buildings experienced increases in KWh consumption and electric costs, during the same project period.

Ease of installation and low cost make this an affordable long term consideration for public and commercial buildings since there is no electricity consumed and no annual maintenance on the Tune® Filter.

The Project is a success for WU and expect to expand implementation of the Tune® Filter technology to other buildings on campus.



*Formerly Wheeling Jesuit University