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    The terminal includes offices, trucker lounge spaces and service garages for transportation equipment.

    As you know, we are more than happy about our decision to install your filters in the winter of 2016 at Mission Village. First and foremost, the payback period was less than 12 months. In my opinion, thats phenomenal.

    “Look at the Mission Village P&L… Electric bill is down more than 20% from last year. Occupancy is the same, maybe summer was a little less hot, but your technology (T7) is playing a role there.”

    Set at the “Crossroads of the South,” Corey Center is based in Atlanta, GA where the Downtown Connector (I-75/85) intersects Interstate 20. Built in 1975, the building features a landmark smokestack and consists of 10,000 square feet of office space and 25,000 square feet of warehouse space.