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    Tune® Results

    Our electricity bills always seem to be going up... installing LED lights, turning off and unplugging items not in use, setting lights to timers... we have done it all and seen minimal savings... until now!

    Tune®was given the opportunity to bring savings to a large residence located in Gainesville, Ga. belonging to local surgeon, Geary Bush, M.D., FACS.

    Jodie had his filter installed at the end of January and the case study was started in February. Jodie has been in the house since 2016 and the kWh usage has been relatively constant since that time so it was a good opportunity to conduct a case study.
    We moved into our newly built home in January of 2001 and have been running our Quarter Horse training operation out of a barn built in 2004.
    As you know, we are more than happy about our decision to install your filters in the winter of 2016 at Mission Village. First and foremost, the payback period was less than 12 months. In my opinion, thats phenomenal.
    As you know, when we purchased our first home in Georgia we didnt think much about the power bill or estimate the cost. As we quickly learned, that’s a problem when your home is over 6,000 square feet.