In March and April of 2016, TuneLLC (formerly Main Street Energy, LLC) conducted a series of controlled tests to collect data on their product’s performance. The first measure was in changing the cabin from conventional lighting to LED lighting. The second measure was the impact of the TuneFilter (originally named T7 EMI Facility Filter) after the LED conversion. By running this series of measurements on the electrical usage before and after the filter installation, the goal was to determine results of added potential savings in electrical consumption.

Before replacing 55 incandescent and compact florescent lights (CFLs), a baseline measurement was made with the following loads on: 70 lights, 10 ceiling fans, 2 satellite receivers, 2 flat screen 55” televisions, and LED displays on both a microwave and a stove. Circuit breakers were off to a washing machine, clothes dryer, refrigerator, hot water heater and HVAC systems to remove uncontrolled loads during the test periods. The on loads remained consistent throughout each test conducted during this study.