Tune® is perfect for your restaurant.

From the front of the house, to the back office, your restaurant uses more electricity than ever. Kitchen devices and appliances, refrigeration and cooking to computers, HVAC and lighting, restaurant owners can use a break wherever you can get one. Tune® reduces your electric bills at the source. Once installed, it works around the clock to deliver savings you can see.

Tune® helps Informa Markets reduce their carbon footprint while saving 15% to 18% in energy* and delivering a return on investment of fewer than 14 months.*

After 2 years of extensive testing, RPM executives have installed Tune® filters enterprise-wide. In the fall of 2020, filters were installed in 170 existing stores and are being added to new locations during construction.
Upon learning what the Tune® Filter could do for the 2nd largest franchise owner of Domino’s in the United States, Cowabunga Pizza decided to test seven stores in Georgia. Each Domino’s location averages 1,500 sq. ft. in size, including kitchen with oven, heat keepers, refrigeration and other temperature controlled food storage, and various customer wait and dining spaces.

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Mike Czuba will consult with you to show you how Tune® will save 10% or more* on the electrical bills for your restaurant.