This wonderful device.

In your restaurant, you have lights, ovens, refrigerators, and heat lamps. In your office you have air conditioning units, and routers. At home you have entertainment systems, washers and dryers, and really too many other devices to count.

These devices produce heat and add disruptive noise to your electrical system.

The disruptive noise in your electrical system, otherwise known as current harmonics are real. You don’t see them, but they’re there. Tune® filters disruptive noise out of your electrical system to reduce your consumption of electricity and prolong the life of electronics and appliances.

What’s included in your Tune® purchase?

In the box, is your Tune® filter, lead wires for installation, and the Tune® installation manual.

Your purchase comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty to protect you against defective equipment. We recommend installation by a certified electrician. A certified electrician will ensure a successful and safe installation.

How does Tune® work?

Connect Tune® to the neutral bus bar inside your electric panel.

Tune® captures current harmonic frequencies and filters all of the disruptive frequencies, leaving only the necessary 60Hz bandwidth.

Filtering these unusable and distruptive frequencies reduces the heat and fluctuations in your electical system to save energy and electronics.