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    Your Tune® Filter installation.

    Guarantee for your safety

    First and foremost, the Tune® Filter will be installed direct to your electrical sub panel, which is a live electrical setting. To guarantee your safety, the safety of your property, and maintain the warranty for your Tune®, installation should only be performed by a qualified electrician using the provided Tune® Installation Guide. 

    The installation guide comes with your Tune® product and includes all details for installation, warranty and registration for your purchase.

    You can also download the Installation Guide below.

    Choosing an installer

    Your Tune® Filters can be installed by any qualified electrician following our Tune® Installation Guide included with your purchase.

    A Tune® representative is also available atinstall@tunefilters.com for assistance. You can also ask your electrician to consult with us ahead of purchase if you have any concern about your electrical setup.