Tune® Filter for Residence

Calm the unnecessary harmonics generated by your modern home electronics, a source of higher electrical costs and wear and tear on all of your devices. The Tune® Filter is compact and easy to install by a qualified electrician and is passive so it doesn't add to your electrical load.

For customers in the Northwest Arkansas area, you can have your Tune® Filter installed with our authorized Tune® installer (JNA Industries) for a special price. Email install@tunefilters.com for details.

Harmonics come in the form of heat generated by electronic frequencies outside of those necessary to efficiently power your devices and appliances. As a matter of fact, harmonics can create heat buildup causing burned out lights or other failures along with the additional cost of paying for unusable electricity.

With Tune® installed, our filter will mitigate these harmful harmonicsso that you pay only for what you need. Current residential customers are seeing a savings of 8% or more on their electric bill. 

IMPORTANT: For your safety, the safety of your home, and to hold the filter warranty intact, the installation MUST BE COMPLETED AND DOCUMENTED BY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN. The Tune® Filter is installed to live, high-voltage situations and will cause deadly harm if touched or not installed properly. Get in touch with us at install@tunefilters.comto know more.

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